Lovely home for rent right in the town of San Ramon

ID CODE: #3716

Rental Price: US$650

  • Construction: 140 m2 (1,500 sq.ft.)
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1

San Ramon is one of the largest cities in Alajuela, and one of the fastest-growing. But for most of us, it will still seem like a big town with a central park and large Stone Church at the center and mall stores selling just about everything, high-class healthcare and a lively communities of ex-pats. Most buildings here are one story, including the large hospital in town, with a handful of private businesses rising up to 2 and 3 levels closer to the center. As in any city, as you head further away from the center there are fewer shops and more homes, less traffic and more parking spaces. It is on these outer streets that this lovely, older, Tico style home is located - with all the charm and space of a Spanish house that was built years ago.

A single-story house, all concrete built, with skylights in every room - you won’t even know that the lights are turned off until late afternoon when the sun starts to set or the clouds roll in during the rainy season.

Entry to the property is through a small gate on the street, then down a private alley shared by 2 other homes. The entrance to the home is through another lovely gate, and the house is room after room of living space, both indoors and out. A separate office/room has its own entry upfront. Then the main house has 2 even-sized bedrooms, 2 living rooms, dining room, kitchen, play, and wash space. AND a backyard with bananas, oranges, and lemons, plus a little outdoor rustic BBQ.

Park on the street, or make a deal with one of the surrounding lots if you want a car. Or walk around town and take the local buses. Perfect central location. without being near the noise and markets. The best grocery store in town is 2 blocks away, and on the street, there is a small convenience store. The Farmer's market is 5 blocks away, and the local organic indoor market is just 1 block over. Come see this little slice of Paradise Today!

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