Happy Customer Testimonials

"I thank you again for having very well organized these visits. Thanks to you it has been possible for me to get a good idea on what type of house can be purchased according to budget and requirements, this on about 6 totally different kind of buildings in Atenas area.
On top of that I also appreciated your very good knowledge, your involvement, your availability and your kindness.
I will keep in touch with you in the near future.
Best regards "

Luigi di Pascali

We are VERY satisfied with the thoughtful, trustworthy, friendly, detailed, patient way you worked with us before, during, and after our stay in the house in San Ramon, Costa Rica. Every now and then we remember that first day when the airport guy put all of our luggage into your car along with 5 passengers!!!!!!!!!!! A remarkable memory among so many others.

Shirley Sekarajasingham

" Having travelled to many parts of the world and using many agents for rentals I decided this year to go to Costa Rica and checked on my computer to find an agent there and in doing so I found Properties in who was very helpful and professional every thing I needed she found for me and my wife but it did not end there.
When we arrived in Costa Rica she met us and went with us to make sure that everything was OK we stayed for two months and she would call to see that everything was still OK and I must say if you need an agent who is honest and professional I can guarantee you can not find a better agent to represent you."

Edward Mayers

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
"How delighted!!! Thank you Thank you , thank you!!! You are a Star!!! I really appreciate this information. Beautiful. I go around marveled by the great things in life, so when I find responsable people who do their job and contribute with me somehow I put them on a pedestal. You made my day...Thank you!! I can't wait to arrive and visit you at the office and get to see all this marvelous places."

Dr. Soto

A great help
"In August, 2012, my wife and I decided to look into a move to Costa Rica. We found propertiesincostarica.com on the internet. This was indeed fortunate. Not only were the listings of properties extensive, offering a wide variety of choice, but the other information was really helpful. Office staff were courteous and helpful, and responded promptly and informatively to our many questions by phone or internet. If they did not know the answers immediately, they would find out. If they said they would get back to us, they did. This, of course, makes good business sense, but such behavior is not always to be found, when dealing with property rental. If promises were made, they were kept. They also stood in the gap for us linguistically. Neither my wife nor I are Spanish speakers. But communication with the office was always clear and unambiguous. This was a great help.
The advice we received was excellent and well-founded. When we decided upon a property, the necessary paperwork was quickly forthcoming.
This write-up goes way beyond the mere business report on such things as the accuracy of information, the helpfulness and accessibility of staff, etc. The issue revolves around the fact that we were not treated as mere clients needing a business service. We were treated as people. The information we were given was essential to the smoothness of our relocation. But when you consider it, the helpfulness we have encountered is good business sense on your part. This is the best business sense. It arises from the fact that you understand that you are not dealing simply with properties in Costa Rica, but with people. And that has made a real difference. Would I recommend you to others? The answer is a big yes.

A very happy client

Efficient service
"As Sales and Marketing Director for the project Colinas de Miramar in Costa Rica, I would like to highly recommend the services of www.propertiesincostarica.com to those who are looking for real results and efficient service, both on the project/development level as well as on individual home sales.
We have used the services of PropertiesCR since our launching of sales and they have become a key element in our marketing campaign when it comes to advertising, and lead generation services. We have always found them to be highly efficient, with excellent response time. In terms of cost-effectiveness vs. number of lead sources, they have out-produced most of the more costly affiliate websites that we use to market our project.
For anyone trying to ramp up a marketing campaign, or sell an individual property, again, I would highly recommend their services."

John Podesta
Sales and Marketing Director of Colinas de Miramar, Costa Rica

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