Prime Commercial Location in San Ramon

ID CODE: #3851

Sales Price: US$575,000 (50% down, 50% Owner financed in 3-5 years)

  • Land: 917 m2 (9,900 sq ft or 1/4 acre)
  • Construction: 450 m2 (4,850 sq ft)

Top central location in San Ramon, across from George Washington School, 1 block to the Court of Justice, 2 blocks from Banco Nacional and Julio Acosta High School, 3 blocks from Central Park... Approved for Commercial, Office, Residential and up to a 7 story building.

The City of San Ramon has expanded its footprint and it is the most important vicinity for the region known as Occidente. Its population today is close to 100,000 people (10 times more than in 2012)!

An increased need for services in all fields to supply to its population and to all the nearby districts, makes it an ideal location for private enterprises as well as government institutions.

The property has a Prime Location, walking distance to town and amenities, surrounded by kindergarten, School, High School, City Library... making it ideal for a school / academic related facility. Also, medical and health services, law firms, government institutions and more...

The structure is sound and definitely worth updating / remodeling for its desired purpose. Or, a new structure could replace it up to 7 stories high! The front yard can be all turned into parking or driveway.

Contact Art Guzman for more information.

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